Success story: Sales force for dietary supplement

Initial situation

A slimming product was pushed at great expense in TV and print media, but was still unable to gain market share. Only the market leader benefited from the advertising spending, while the advertiser was unable to expand its position. The pharmacies were stocked with the market leader's product all over the country and preferred recommending the goods already in stock to the customers generated by the advertising campaign.

Solution approach

The approach focused on changing the perception of referrers. Using our qualified sales force, pharmacy staff throughout Germany were personally informed about the slimming product of our brand partner, its advantages and the large-scale publicity campaign.


The pharmacies changed their attitude and increasingly stocked up on the product of our brand partner. The increasing advertising effect was also immediately recognizable in the sales figures after successful distribution in community pharmacies and establishment of readiness to recommend. The product was then sold by the owner to an established pharmaceutical company and today has a turnover of over EUR 20 million p.a.

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