Success stories: Reversal of decline in sales of a pharmaceutical product

Initial situation

Due to an a posteriori registration, the name of an otherwise well-established pharmaceutical product that was fully distributed to pharmacies had to be changed. Once the name was changed, the product experienced a slump in sales.

Solution approach

The pharmacies had to be informed about the adaptation in order to stabilize the product in the market with a new name. The full service of Kyberg Experts was used for this purpose: pharmacy sales, pharmacy marketing and pharmacy logistics bundled from a single source. We stocked the product in our pharmaceutical logistics center and informed the wholesale trade about the changes. With our qualified field staff, we provided the pharmacy staff with vital information in personal discussions. Targeted marketing measures flanked the communication offensive in community and mail-order pharmacies.


Not only could the decline in sales be compensated, the manufacturer was also able to secure market leadership in the respective segment through its close cooperation with Kyberg Experts and other measures taken on its own initiative.

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