Pharmacy marketing

Pharmaceutical trade marketing

Trade marketing: For a strong sales force strategy

  • We’ll develop the optimal sales strategy and campaign planning for your brand
  • We’ll qualify our team of expert consultants with comprehensive product knowledge and detailed sales guidelines for your products
  • We’ll design well-founded pharmacy training materials (training folders, online training, etc.)
  • We’ll develop convincing sales documents for the pharmacies (offers and sales folders)
Your advantage:
You get an effective sales force strategy with just the right sales and training materials.

POS marketing

POS marketing: For better performance at the point of sale

  • Conception of pharmacy displays and floor displays
  • Development of POS advertising materials and shop window decoration material
  • Design of consumer information materials (brochures, flyers, etc.)
  • Implementation of pharmacy promotions, samplings, added value campaigns and other innovative sales marketing campaigns

Your advantage:
You get the best-possible presence at the pharmacy POS

B2B marketing

B2B marketing: For a target group-oriented approach

  • Development of integrated dialogue marketing concepts (telephone, e-mail, fax, print)
  • Supervision of editorial PR, ad placements and online advertising forms in pharmacy trade press and portals
  • Development of innovative pharmacy training concepts (on-site and online)
  • Implementation of product tests and market research campaigns with pharmacy personnel
Your advantage:
Brand awareness, product know-how and the willingness of the pharmacy team to recommend you.

Do you want to strengthen your brand and activate consumers at the POS?

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