Pharmaceutical warehouse & logistics

Reliable and GDP-compliant warehouse and logistics with many years of experience

Rapid order processing and fast delivery (with thermal transport if necessary) are crucial for your success in the healthcare market. IT interfaces (including EDI) ensure short throughput times and smooth processes. Our modern pharmaceutical logistics centre in Otterfing near Munich safeguards your ability to deliver and guarantees the daily supply of all pharmacies (including online pharmacies) and pharmaceutical wholesalers in Germany. In addition, we supply hospitals, institutes, medical supply retailers, health food stores, drugstores and other retailers. Even highly sensitive goods, such as cytostatics and hazardous goods, can be stored or delivered by Kyberg according to the legal and individual requirements of our customers. We also provide the implementation of fixed delivery times for special offers and new customer orders as well as the booking of delivery time windows for drugstore chains.


16.000+ m2 storage space

3.000+ shelf storage spaces

3.800+ pallet storage spaces

Suitable for highest demands

Ambient storage

Regular goods are stored in a permanently monitored and guaranteed temperature range of 15 to 25 °C.

Cold storage

For sensitive goods, we have three cold stores for safe storage within a low temperature range of 2 to 8 °C, including permanent temperature monitoring and emergency redundancies.

Better safe than sorry

Pest control (pest detection and prevention), strict access control and appropriate alarm systems are crucial. Nevertheless, these elements are ultimately only examples of the countless measures we take to protect the products entrusted to us.

GDP standards

All products, i.e. not only pharmaceuticals, are stored and dispatched in accordance with GDP standards. This means that all products in our warehouse are stored according to the highest quality standards.

Warehouse, supply chain and shipping processes

Supply chain support

Daily, systematic inventory monitoring including early checking of the product-specific expiration dates. If the quantities in stock fall below the threshold, an automatic order is triggered. Delivery dates are scheduled by our employees according to demand, thus ensuring a smooth and speedy incoming goods inspection.

Receipt of goods and incoming goods inspection

Deliveries are checked for damage, while number, batch and expiration date are recorded and compared with the respective target values. For prescription drugs, serialization numbers and indicators are also checked in accordance with the legal requirements in line with relevant counterfeiting guidelines.

Dynamic storage

Our IT-controlled storage system does not have any fixed storage locations. In this so-called "chaotic system" the goods are automatically assigned the optimal storage space.

No mix-ups

Different batches of the same product as well as similar-looking articles (e.g. different effective strengths or package sizes) are automatically stored in separate storage bins. This prevents mix-ups during picking.

Stock maintenance

Permanent inventory, i.e. each item is physically counted and documented at least once a year. We regularly check the expiration dates, take out non-commercial products and transfer goods that are no longer marketable or saleable into the quarantine warehouse.


Goods are picked according to the FEFO principle (First Expired - First Out) or FIFO principle (First In - First Out) – depending on whether they are managed with or without an expiration date. Individual customers or customer groups can be prioritized at any time.


The goods are packed according to the requirements. We have been cooperating with both transport service providers for over 15 years. This ensures the continuous supply chain at all times. Incidentally, pharmaceutical wholesalers are supplied free of shipping costs for orders of 1 or more pieces.

Your advantage:
Worries about regulatory requirements, personnel resources or out-of-stock time are a thing of the past.

Store your products in compliance with regulations

Main warehouse with organic food certification

The main warehouse contains the goods for sale, which are stored separately in batches and according to the FEFO principle. Scanner support and intelligent route optimisation ensure efficient warehouse processes. In addition, we have a separate storage area for the labelled storage of organic food in accordance with the EC Eco Regulation. For cytostatics, we also have a separate area with implemented processes for safe handling during picking, packaging and shipping.

Blocked storage area

Special storage area for goods that have been taken out of circulation, recalled, damaged or for other reasons are no longer marketable or saleable. We ensure that you always have an overview of your blocked stock and can keep it low. This is where our careful working methods (complaint rate <1%) play an important role.

Quarantine warehouse

Special storage area for returned or not yet released goods. We check batches, quantities, temperature, intactness and, according to your individual specifications, take care of sampling and, if necessary, sending samples to test laboratories at home or abroad in order to be able to put your products on the market as quickly as possible.

Pharmaceutical sample stock

Special storage area for drug samples to enable the officially prescribed separate storage of drugs and drug samples.

Special case: Your own storage area in our logistics centre

Eigener und abgetrennter Lagerbereich bei Kyberg möglich.

All products in one place

  • Provision of consignment warehouse
  • Separate, marked and optionally spatially separated area
  • Possibility for own and separated quarantine or restricted storage
  • Support by our employees
  • Inventories and sampling can be carried out quickly and easily at any time
  • If applicable, this option may be relevant for you to obtain a wholesale license and/or manufacturing authorization
Your advantage:
Permanently available storage volume for your company, short picking routes and time savings.

Are you looking for pharmaceutical warehouse logistics without limits?

With Kyberg you can rely on the most modern processes, efficient resources and the personal commitment of a family-run company.